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Working With Home Buyers

Purchasing real estate can be stressful, drawn-out, and frustrating. For most people, it’s the biggest investment they’ve ever made, and they want to make sure they’re protected. Choosing the right title attorney is essential to avoiding headaches down the road, and an experienced lawyer can ensure that your transaction is performed and recorded properly. We’ve worked with homeowners across Acadiana, helping them navigate through the complex legal framework of real estate purchases and assisting those in our community to find a place to call home. If you’re interested in purchasing real estate, whether you’re a first-time buyer, an investment property owner, relocating, or just downsizing, our staff is ready and available to help you settle in. Have your realtor or lender contact Gabe A. Duhon Law Firm to handle the purchase of your next home and close with confidence.


Mortgage lenders are responsible for sourcing an appropriate loan for the homeowner’s needs, beginning with your preapproval and extending far beyond the transaction. Your lender acts as the middleman between you and the bank or loan originator, providing the title attorney with the proper documentation and funding. As the title attorney, we act as your escrow agent to hold monies involved in the transaction, including deposits, closing costs, etc.

At Gabe A. Duhon Law Firm, we work together with mortgage lenders to help you close with confidence. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or have closed multiple times, you and your lender can trust our experienced staff to get the job done right.


Realtors represent their clients to the best of their abilities, from the initial showing through closing. These professionals know that choosing the right title attorney can make the difference between a smooth closing and a chaotic one. Acadiana’s real estate agents trust Gabe A. Duhon Law Firm to handle their client’s real estate investments, both seasoned veterans and new agents.

Agents may represent both the buyer and the seller, so making the closing process simple for all parties is paramount to our success. With all the moving parts of a real estate transaction, worrying about the title attorney should be low on your agent’s list. We provide peace of mind for both sides, ensuring that your closing is executed properly.



At the law office of Gabe A. Duhon, LLC, our attorneys are proud to serve the citizens of Acadiana with personalized, local service since 2006.

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The law office of Gabe A. Duhon, LLC is experienced in residential and commercial real estate transactions. Other real estate services we provide are:

  • Title Agents for Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company
  • Title Agents for WFG Title Insurance Company
  • Title Examinations and Settlement Document Preparation
  • Contract for Deed or Quitclaim Deed

Experienced and Local Attorneys Here for You


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