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“Cloudy title” or legal issues regarding ownership of a piece of real estate can take several forms from minor to serious, including clerical errors, unknown heirs, construction liens, fraud, encroachments, and more. We highly recommend that buyers and sellers perform a thorough title search before listing and purchasing real estate to avoid disruption to your transaction.

Our real estate professionals will execute a full title search on your behalf to uncover any potential issues long before the final papers are drawn up. We want to ensure that the property of interest is free and clear to be transferred. Some issues can be corrected during the closing process; however, some may halt the transaction altogether. Contact us today to receive a full title review, and close with confidence.

To safeguard your biggest asset, we provide title insurance policies to protect you against the risk that comes with ownership. Your title insurance policy protects you from unforeseen circumstances before the time of purchase and beyond, preventing loss of ownership and your investment. These types of claims are rare; however, they do occur and require an experienced attorney to navigate effectively.

Protect yourself and your investment with a title insurance policy at the time of purchase for a lifetime of peace of mind. This one-time fee will protect your interests in the insured property—your right to occupy the land. In the event of a dispute, your title insurance will shield you and your lender’s investment.

The Law Office of Gabe Duhon is certified to underwrite through WFG and Commonwealth, two of the nation’s largest and most trusted insurance companies. We can assist you with all of your title and insurance needs.



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