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Accidents happen, but some things can be avoided. If you’ve been hurt through negligence or intentional malice of a business, employer, or individual, it can seem like your life has been turned upside down. Injuries can mean you’re unable to work, bills go unpaid, and your livelihood is now in jeopardy. Filing a claim in court could be the only way to seek recourse, especially if the at-fault party doesn’t claim responsibility. 

If you’ve been hurt, intentionally or through someone else’s negligence, you could have a rightful claim in court. We have over fifteen years of experience fighting for clients and have secured hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation for victims. Call us at the Gabe A. Duhon Law Firm today at (337) 893-3423 to schedule your initial consultation. 



At the law office of Gabe A. Duhon, LLC, our attorneys are proud to serve the citizens of Abbeville and Livingston, as well as the rest of Acadiana with personalized, local service since 2006.

We understand when faced with a legal situation it can be a stressful and confusing time and may leave you wondering if you need an attorney. Don’t let the greed and callous demeanor of other law firms deter you from seeking the professional legal services you deserve. Contact Gabe A. Duhon, LLC today. We can serve all of your legal needs.

Our experienced lawyers practice a variety of legal services and can navigate through any complex and stressful legal setting. Whether you are seeking legal advice or representation for auto accidents, personal injury, real estate, criminal defense, family law, or wills, you can feel confident that our attorneys will have your best interests in mind.

When facing any legal situation, you can feel sure that our experienced attorneys will always be working to help you. Gabe A. Duhon and his staff are proud to be active members in the community, with membership and volunteer experience in many different programs.

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Experienced and Local Attorneys Here for You


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